Whisky Review – Tomatin Cù Bòcan 1989 limited release

Tomatin Cù Bòcan 1989 limited release
53.2% ABV
Non-chill Filtered
No added colouring
Limited to 1080 bottles.
£200.00 at The Green Welly Stop

Today I’m very lucky to be able to try the latest limited release from Tomatin. A 25 year old accidently peated expression. Here’s some info:

Casks 37470, 37471 and 37472 have been lurking quietly in Warehouse 9 at Tomatin Distillery since a rare and unintentional production of peated whisky at the distillery on 7th June 1989.

Now the beast has been unleashed in this sweet and smoky rare edition of Cù Bòcan.

You can see my other blog entry with more detailed release information here.

Now, for my notes:


Light bonfire smoke. Lashings of vanilla. Clean engine oil. Pepper. Crisp apple. Pear. Light pineapple. Prominent oak. Some candle wax. Polish, and a little glue. Given a little rest this becomes very sweet. Sweet clean peat and creamy vanilla. There’s something savoury in the background. Salty even.


Very sweet and smoky tasting. Fruity and sweet burnt earth, with a pineapple ring. Apples, pears, some orange, almost burnt orange. Considering the high ABV it’s not too destructive on the tastebuds and very easy going. Development continues to creaminess, buttery vanilla, some salt, and something savoury, almost meaty. The fruits in this palate all have a sensed of being dried out over bonfires. Very pleasant.


Drying fruit notes, dried pineapple. Changing to sweet sweet vanilla custard and a little peat. Finale of drying oak.

Adding water.

Little drop added. The diluted nose has a lighter floral element in the mix now, the fruits are also more intense and expansive. More prominent ripe pineapples and juicy apples, some orange pith and creamier vanilla custard. The smoke is extinguished a lot, but there is still a pleasant ember or two in the background. The diluted palate is far more fruitier now, very juicy in fact, with apple, pineapples and orange all there. Along with some complex spice involvement. Some sweet lemons, a little oak, very clean and tasty stuff.
The diluted finish continues the theme, fruity, juicy and moreish.


Well, well, well. This is a different dram, definitely a dram with two slightly varying characters. Undiluted lots of dry fruits and a touch of savoury, but with water a fresh fruity basket of wonders. Very intriguing. A lot of time can be spent with this dram deconstructing its character, complex and rewarding stuff.

Something new – for an alternative point of view see my mate Steve’s review over at Somerset Whisky.

Great thanks to Tomatin for providing the review sample.