Whisky Review – Glenlivet Nadurra (batch 0911P)

Glenlivet Nadurra (batch 0911P)
53% ABV
Non-chill Filtered
No added colouring
Cask Strength
£46.38 from MasterOfMalt

Nadurra in Gaelic means ‘natural’. And that is exactly what Nadurra is. Non chill filtered, cask strength, no colour. This promises to be a fantastic dram, so let’s find out.

Expect a slight variation on batches, but from the reviews on whiskybase and the like your hard pressed to find a bad batch.


Floral citrus. Sherbert. Sweet shops. Powdered sugar. Lemon juice and peel. Oranges. Jammy marmalade. Some light white pepper. Vanilla. Creamy. Light oak. The oak in this one is by no means dominant despite 16 years in the cask. Time in the glass brings more of the signature Glenlivet fruit salad forward, lots of apple, pear, citrus, a touch of pineapple. Lovely fruity nose.


As per the nose, fruity. Bit of a alcohol nip, as expected. Sweet and sour. Followed by more fruit, drying fruit, not sweet. Some berry notes. Vanilla cream, apples, pears, complex jam, The oak is more noticeable on the palate with some drier and more bitter oak tannins coming through. Some spicy hit there with oak spices and pepper.


The fruitiness goes into the finish, with varying spiciness followed by drying oak with a little stewed tea on the very end.

Adding water.

With a little water we have even more citrus tang on the nose with a little added floral, and some dusty sugar. The palate is now mellow from the alcohol nip. There’s a little chalkiness to the mouthfeel now, the fruits are still juicy and intact, the spices lowered in intensity, the bitter mid-development is no longer there, it’s very stable throughout development and well balanced. The finish is sweeter, more powdered sugars and fruity tangs, and very very palatable, thirst quenching and inducing at the same time.


A solid dram. Good session stuff, with some nice investigative complexities while at the same time can be taken for a steady enjoyable drinking experience. Good stuff! Thoroughly looking forward to trying the new Nadurra Oloroso when it becomes available later in the year.

Source – My own bottle. And many more to come!


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