Whisky Review – Lord Echo Blended Whisky (Wemyss)

Lord Echo Blended Whisky
40% ABV
£22.00 from TheGreenWellyStop


Stewed grapes. A reasonably dry sherry nose initially. Spicy, pepper, ginger, a little menthol. There’s some honey floating around, and a whiff of smoke. There’s a nuttiness to the nose also, reminds me of a walnut heavy nut mix.


Sugar coated nuts. Some light toffee. Some mellow pepper and ginger. Very easy drinking. Quite spicy and nutty going down.


Drying, toffee, some oak tannins. A touch of coconut.

Adding water.

2 drops added. The nose has a touch more smoke now and an added depth to the fruitiness, with some dry raisin added. The palate reflects this exhibiting a little more fruitiness, letting some of the nuts go wayside. It’s a touch more tannin-y mid development, with the finish, toffee and light tannins (stewed tea). Much improved with a small drop of water.


I have to be honest, that’s what this blog is about, I preferred the 15 year old version (available here from MasterOfMalt). Saying that, this is a competent blended scotch, with a high percentage of malt content (40%).

Great thanks to Wemyss for providing the review sample.


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