Whisky Review – SMWS 76.115 ‘Glamping in the Yurt’ (Mortlach)

SMWS 76.115 ‘Glamping in the Yurt’
Distillery – Mortlach
Date Distilled: 19 July 1995
Age: 18 years
Cask Type: Refill ex-sherry butt
535 bottles
Non-Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
Cask Strength


Initially sweet. Thick Honey, toffee, chocolate. This one turns more savoury with time in the glass. Now I get fragrant wood. Polish. A little glue. A touch of tobacco. On returning to the glass after a few minutes it’s more savoury and started to show its meaty side. A little bit of burnt ends and some beef jerky. Hmmmm. We have dusted pepper throughout. Fruit wise it’s quite backgrounded, but there are some rum and raisin if you dig. And a touch of desiccated coconut coming through now. A nicely complicated set of aromas.


Who, there’s the fruit! Initially exceedingly fruity, berries, soaked sultanas, apple, some orange, turning chocolatey and deep with honey richness. Some chilli and ginger spices in the development, then progressing back to thick honey, chewy chocolate and sweet tooth heaven. The mouthfeel on this is very luscious and gives a nice satisfaction of melting chocolate. Yummmmmmm.


Sweetness proceeds, honey, chocolate, caramel, a little drying oakiness, but ultimately full of those sugar sweet joys.

Adding water.

A gentle splash added and sat for a while. The savoury and wood elements are fully in the front now. Still quite meaty, A dash of salt and a little charred wood. On the palate there is a little more of the savoury coming through, it’s actually slightly hotter on the palate than without water, with more spices hitting you sooner, holding it in the mouth though and the sweetness comes back through, salted chocolate honeycomb I think. The finish continues along the same theme, slightly salty, lots of chocolate based sweet shop stuff. A dash more water and we go into more floral areas on the nose, the palate now is more sugary and edging towards swizzles lollipops, and some chalky sweets, the chocolate notes having been slightly silenced, the finish warming and more malty than the fattening nature before. For me, some water not too much, but worth a long term experiment on this one with adding little water, wait, taste, water, wait, taste etc. lots of changes to explore.


Interesting Mortlach this. Not a sherry bomb like some of the other Mortlach’s I have tried in the past, this one is subtle, the oak has had a nice complementing effect with the usual meaty spirit that comes from Mortlach. It’s reasonably complex, worth taking time over, and rewarding to one who likes their confectionary of the chocolate kind.


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