Whisky Review – Wemyss Lemon Zest Auchentoshan 1998 Single Barrel

Wemyss Lemon Zest Auchentoshan 1998 Single Barrel
46% ABV
Non-chill Filtered
No added colouring
Cannot find in the UK yet, should be in the £65-£75 bracket.


As it’s name would suggest! Lots of zesty lemon! Lemon peel, juice, quite tart on the nose. Powdered sugar. Lemon drops. A deep sugar pit of sweet shops. A prominent chilli bite. Some orange citrus. Gentle oak in the background. Very crisp, lively and clean. The deeper the inhalation i get a mentholated twang.


Sweet and sour. Lemony, sweet lemons, flat home made lemonade. A Little damp grass during the development. Mouth filling with flavour. Some gentl honey notes are creeping around in the background.


More sweetness, a chewed wet grass sweetness accompanies the lemons, with some drying oak. A very pleasant balance and overly easy and very enjoyable experience.

Adding water.

A tiny splash added. The nose has some added spicy bite now, with the lemons slightly dried down. The palate is still juicy and fresh, quite spritely and delectable with buckets of tangy fruit. The finish, still sweet, warming and very fulfilling.


This is a fruit monster…is that a term, we have peat monster and sherry bomb…fruit nuke? It’s fruit fantastic anyway, very juicy and summery and a great starter to a Whisky night, palate cleansing and just plain damn tasty.

Great thanks to Wemyss for providing the review sample.


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