Whisky Review – Teeling 21 Year Old Single Malt Silver Reserve Whiskey

Teeling 21 Year Old Single Malt Silver Reserve Whiskey
46% ABV
Non-chill Filtered
No added colouring
Limited to 5000 bottles
£127.95 from MasterOfMalt

This older aged Whiskey was married together in Sauternes (a very sweet French desert wine) casks. This was my favourite whisk(e)y of Whisky Live London 2014. Let’s see if it’s as I remember.


The Sauternes comes through sweetly and gently, then with wafts of smokey oak and pipe tobacco. This is rich, obvious age, with polish, leather and tobacco box cedar wood. Invading of the nostrils in a fulfilling and deep way. The fruit is predominantly cherry, raisin, all of which are surrounded with a dusty air of cinnamon sugar. There is a little liquorice to the wood and some talcum powder. With time in the glass there is vanilla sponge cake with butter cream icing. Bloody complex and just makes me wonder why they don’t make fragrances or room sprays like this. It’s glorious. I could stay here with my nose in this glass for ever!


Sweet, deftly intense. Dry dark fruits, raisin, cherry, cherry stones, stewed berries, strawberry. Sweet tobacco, brown roasted caramelised sugar. Complex subtle spices, all spice, pepper, Chinese 5 spice. A little hoisin plum sauce. Some meaty elements also. Really engaging and a great depth to this malt.


Long, sweet, intense sugared oak, anise, drying out to oak chips. Some meatiness continues into the finish. Very long and substantial.

Adding water.

I really do not want to add water as I’m enjoying it too much…bit I will put a small drop into my last few sips. The nose now comes with more spicy intensity, a little more talcum powder. The palate is sweeter, hints of white chocolate, but some of the other notes are missing now. The finish reflects these changes. So, I can’t decide. With water, this dram has differences which are altogether very excellent, better or worse than undiluted. Well, in all honesty I didn’t leave enough for the diluted experience, I was enjoying the undiluted too much. Maybe another sample please?! 🙂 I think I probably just need to buy this!


Oh yeah, I knew I liked this one at WL for a reason, just didn’t realise so many of those reasons until sitting down and spending some time with it. This is a rewarding, deep, delectable whiskey. I think it feels older than 21, there is a lot of age, but not overwhelmed by the oak influences. It’s rich, and has a real feel good factor. The nose is out of this world and the rest of the experience is particularly stellar also. It is of a higher value for a 21 year old whiskey. But it is worth it. If you can afford it do not bloody hesitate. There are not that many out there.

I long to try the new older expressions that Teeling have just released. A 26 year old and a very limited 30 year old. One day…one day.

Great thanks to Teeling for providing the review sample. I’ve had a massive day of Teeling whiskey, and while I can’t get used to adding the e in whiskey, I am completely smitten. Awesome drams. Can’t wait to savour the next releases.


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