Whisky Review – Teeling Single Grain Whiskey

Teeling Single Grain Whiskey
46% ABV
Non-chill Filtered
No added colouring
£38.75 from MasterOfMalt

Teeling’s single grain whiskey is finished in Californian red wine casks, imparting some extra fruity flavours and a little reddish hew to the colour. Presented in a craft manner (46%, no chill filtration, no added colorant) this whiskey (please note the e is correct for Irish whiskey as opposed to Scottish Whisky) is one I have been looking forward to spending some real time with. Here we go.


Oooo, it’s a winesky. The first thing that hits is the pungent grapes and red berry fruits, along with some jelly sweets, haribo! Very sumptuous. Their is a youth and spirit then coming through, with waves of creamy grain. It’s very sticky, coating the glass. Some hot pepper and ginger spices. A touch of oak. Then some more gummy bears. There’s a slight note of charred wood. Some sweet liquorice. A very complex nose which time can be truly lost with.


Spicy and sweet. Creamy, buttery popcorn. The fruit is hidden behind waves of butter and creamy grain, but it is definitely there. Red fruits dancing in the distance. Some aniseed spice along with the warmth of ginger and pepper. This is a youngish Whiskey, but well matured. And tasty with it. Touches of orange and citrus in late development. There’s a little old fashioned bubblegum hanging around as well. And with further sips, more of the wine influence is popping in and out. Complex, changes with every sip. A beautiful creamy, and coating mouthfeel.


Quite long, buttery vanilla creams, bubblegum, smidge of wood, dry at the end. Subtle dryness with that pure butter background long after the flavour fades.

Adding water.

A few drops added. The nose has more of a tamed, creaminess now. The fruit taken more into the background. The palate reflects the new nose, creamy and buttery. The finish again, creamy and buttery grain. My personal opinion. Water kills the experience of this one a little. It does not need it.


This is gooood. It’s young and has a little vibrance, but it is so very tasty, and different to your normal whisk(e)y drinking experience. I bought a bottle of this shortly after trying it at WL 2014, not opened yet, but I feel it will be very soon. Proper class stuff. Very complex and ever changing, this is a whiskey that will not bore you. It’s fantastic, but stay away from water or ice. This dram does NOT need it.

Great thanks to Teeling for providing the review sample.


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