Whisky Review – Speymalt 2004 – Gordon & Macphail

Speymalt 2004 – Gordon & Macphail
43% ABV
Speymalt 2004 – £25.80 – available at Whisky Galore at The Green Welly Stop


Dry, bitter oak. Young, some spirit very evident. Apple. Toffee. Light honey. Quite ‘strong’ on the nose. Pepper, ginger. Spicy to the point of burn.


That bitter oak is the initial hit. After a few seconds the more toffee nature of the Macallan spirit comes through. Becomes a little chewier. Sweetish toffee. Bitter stewed tea. Pepper/chilli heat.


Short. Hot spices, dry toffee, some oak tannins.

Adding water.

A little water improves this Whisky dramatically by toning down the spice level and levelling out the bitter tannins. The nose becomes more enriched, with some butter and cream notes amongst the toffee. The palate also reflects this becoming more easy going and smoother as with the finish, the tannins reduced leaving more of a creamed aftertaste.


This is a simplex session dram. For the price range it’s a fair Whisky, if your not too interested in spending time investigating layers of complexity. Good for summer with a small chunk of ice added to a well poured double.