Whisky Review – Tomatin 14 Year Old Port Finish

Tomatin 14 Year Old Port Finish
46% ABV
Matured in ex-bourbon barrels, and finished in port oak for a year
Natural Colour
Non-Chill Filtered
£48.95 from TheWhiskyExchange

First in the new line up from Tomatin (15 year old and 30 year old (NOOOooo!) have been discontinued). I quite like port matured whiskies, and I’m also partial to the odd Tomatin, so I’m very happy to try this new one. Let’s see what it has to offer. It’s got that lovely tint of pink in the natural colour. 🙂


Fruit! Berries a plenty. Red currant. Grapes. Strawberry. Black current brambles the lot. Takes your breath away, has quite a nose nip, so don’t let the nostrils get too close yet. Pepper. A little oak coming through now, but with all the fruit crushed into it. A little vanilla turning into a lot of vanilla, vibrant and organic. One of those noses which is quite literally mouth watering for me. A touch of icing sugar after a while, making the fruit more sweetie like, and therefore the jelly baby pangs start coming into play. There are more dark fruits, some plum and raisin notes after it has stood for a while, juicier now, nostril rewarding and saliva enticing.


So sweet, so juicy. Berry forest fruits smoothie. Lightly warming. Smooth as silk on the mouthfeel (very coating) and ABV. Did I say juicy. It is very very juicy. I won’t say juicy again. The palate really reflects the nose so well, but with added yummm. It’s sooooo easy drinking. Some vanilla, but it’s all about the thick fruit. It’s trifle! Complete with sherried strawberries, fruit jelly, some vanilla sponge and custard.


Medium juicy (dammit) finish. Fruit Trifle, fading away gently always reminding of that fruit jam compote. And the desire to sip sip sip.

Adding Water.

I love this without water. I mean I really don’t need to add any. I can drink this for ever. But a few drops in the interest of science. The nose with a little less bite now has an appeal which makes me want it to touch the tip of my nose as I inhale! There is an added element of age, a slight floral dustiness and more oak, which makes things more mellow and dignified, where the undiluted nose was more bang fruit in your face. The palate reflects this also, less of the fruit bomb it was before, but now something to chew longer and reminisce, with a touch of added fruit toffees. The finish is now more drying, and has a touch of that oak at the end of the finish. Perfectly honest, for my palate I prefer without water, but I can understand how others may like the more dignified slightly diluted version.


This is a fruit nuke. Plain and simple. Luscious in every way. If you like port matured whiskies, then this is an absolute must for you. If you haven’t tried Port matured whiskies, this is the best starting point, but you probably don’t need to go any further than this one to be honest. Going to have to get me one of these. It’s too bloody good…better make it 2!

Much thanks to Tomatin for providing the sample. Awesome. 🙂