Whisky Review – Tomatin 30 year old

Tomatin 30 year old
46% ABV
Matured in ex-bourbon barrels
Natural Colour (assumed)
Non-Chill Filtered
£120.78 from MasterOfMalt

Final in my tomatin trilogy, is the 30 year old. This is now discontinued, but it can be found out there if you look. Prices vary wildly, so shop carefully and quickly before it’s all gone.


It was quite closed at first, and needs some time and air to wake up. Fresh. Crisp apples. Lemon sherbert. Pineapple cubes. Sweet shops. Icing sugar. Light pepper. Vanilla. Buttery and creamy. Lots of rich honey. There is the cleanness of youth in this nose, but then something very deep and heavenly. There is oak in there, but it’s not overwhelmed by wood like so many other whiskies of this age. Its retained it’s youthfulness. It’s a long sniffer alright, and by that I mean I can spend my nose in this glass for hours. And it should be a perfume. 🙂


Arrival is gradual and methodical. Building from light apples, to intense sweet shop sugars, light pepper, chewy toffee, runny honey, pineapple, tropical fruit mix. Vanilla. Cream cakes. Mouthfeel is oily and invasive (it’s gets everywhere!). Citrus oils. Through the development you get hints of age. Leather, tobacco, old oak, but it’s really only glimpses, never overtakes or intrudes, it’s really remarkable that a Whisky of this age has got so much going for it and it hasn’t been drenched in old wood. Some would say your paying for those aged elements, but this is a truly unique experience. Delicious.


Sweet, intense to gentle sugary goodness. No burn, but gentle warm hugging all around. Some pepper spice, and lemon rind. Toffee. Honey, and all the good stuff from the palate slowly gliding into the distance. Warm honey line the throat.

Adding Water.

I’ve heard of this dram’s water sensitivity, so I’ve literally added one drop. The nose has more citrus amongst the sweet shop. Lemon rind, skin becoming much juicier in time. The palate reflects this, an intensity now amongst the fruit elements of this Whisky. So very juicy. The finish, as before all of the elements gently fade away leaving a warmth of sincere satisfaction. If you add too much water this dram can have a bitter edge, so less is more, add 1 drop or none.


This is a old Whisky with a youthful attitude. It’s so different than anything else going. Hints of age throughout the experience, complex, exciting, tasty. This is a Whisky to spend long evenings mulling over. It’s a thinker. One to sit there, explore, find something new every time and just plain enjoy. In terms of value for money it is a bloody bargain. Unfortunately it is being discontinued. If you have ever considered buying this, do it now. If you want a well valued, complex and enjoyable Whisky to enjoy later buy it now. You will NEVER EVER get a cheaper 30 year old single malt with the way the price of Whisky is going. Anyway…nuff said, I’m not getting on a ‘price of Whisky’ rant, quite yet! 😉


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