Whisky Review – Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Laphroaig Quarter Cask
48% ABV
£37.15 from TheWhiskyExchange


Laphroaig TCP blast with additional burn. This is a nice strength of alcohol and that added intensity is in the nasal burn. This dram has a very aggressive and exciting nose. There is lots of dry dark fruits amongst the heavily smoked and peaty expansion. A liquorice intensity to the spices including pepper and chilli. There is something else also, the spices are really very complex. Intensive smokiness. Road tar. Rubber bands. Elastoplast. All that good dirty stuff. Some really sooty stuff up front with a background of briny seaside fisheries. Very complex and time consuming if you are the kind to delve into the depths to find aromas. With time in the glass the concentration levels to the fruit and smoke. Nice.


Flavour intensive and complex. Nothing (maybe tastebud shock)! Then sweet, salty, briny, tar, dark fruits, oak, salt, meaty complex, really salty, iodine, smoke, tcp. God, there’s so much going on it really is quite overwhelming. With time to settle the sugars set in, but there is a very nice balance of salt with the sweet. A truly sweet and sour dram.


Salt and sweet. Some popcorn creaminess. Intense all the way through with smoke everlasting and some drying out smoked fishiness with some bitter tannins. Very nicely balanced. A well matured dram of some seriously intensive flavour.

Adding water.

A splash added. The nose has more smoke now and a lovely fruit bracket to accompany it. The palate is now easier to analyse and has levels of complexity, fruit peat, soot, marine. And some added cooking apple peel. Everything all more easily available to enjoy. The finish is intensely tannic and inspiring. Extremely oily. The smoke remains. The memory remains. More sipping please.


An exceptionally complex and worthy Laphroaig. Very explorable, one to sip and consider. With all the flavours of Islay and an added fruitiness and levels of extra detail not present in many standard distillery bottlings. It’s not for the beginner by any want shape or means, and that’s where it’s value lies. In terms of bang for the buck it’s up there. Highly recommended for the Islay fan.