Whisky Review – Tullibardine 500 – Sherry Finish

Tullibardine 500 – Sherry Finish
43% ABV
£36.95 available from Whisky Galore at the Green Welly Stop


Intensely spicy. The sherry cask has really done some work here. We have a lot of deep sherry spice notes. Nuttiness. Cinnamon. Black pepper. Dark fruits. Raisin, plum. Fruitcake. Christmas spices. Orange peel. Dark chocolate. I’m a unashamed sherry head and it’s hitting all those pleasure triggers. In the background we still have some sweet sugar citrus. There is a touch of Flint also, some peoples flint is another persons hell. Personally, I don’t mind a little flint. Lovely stuff.


Sweet sherried arrival. Lots of raisin. As the development progresses we have the familiar creaminess. The sherried notes are light and juicy, with vanilla, and some cinnamon spices, a little fruitcake. Then the development continues into vanilla creams with some chocolate dusting territory.


The chocolate and vanilla sticks around for quite a while, with some pepper spice and a damp oaky drying finale.

Adding water.

A drop in my dram. The nose is now abundant with those sherry influenced spices. The palate retains sugar sherried nuttiness. A touch lighter than undiluted. Into the finish we have sugared almonds! Quite a change. Worth adding a drop of water here.


A fantastic nose, good palate, and very interesting to add a touch of water to bring out that sugared almond note. This is my second favourite of the finished range from Tullibardine.

Tullibardine finish range conclusion.

As an added conclusion I am very impressed with the range of finished whiskies. Accompanying the Sovereign there is really something for everyone in this range. If your a sherry head, the 500 is awesome. If you like wine with your Whisky go burgundy. And if you have a sweet tooth the Sauternes is definitely for you. Good work!

Many thanks to Tullibardine Distillery for providing me with a sample.


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