Whisky Review – Tullibardine 25 Year Old

Tullibardine 25 Year Old
43% ABV
£161.37 available from MasterOfMalt


Intense. Vanilla. Dark burnt sugar. A little charred oak smoke. Dark stewed fruits. Some acetone (in a good way). It’s a very deep and dark nose. Some ground almond. Marzipan. Black cherry. Some dark bitter chocolate. There is a black Forrest gateau thing going on. Having said that I can now even smell the fresh cream. This IS an experience. Fascinating stuff. Some varnished oak coming through now. This is quite a changer as it airs.


Smooth as silk and pleasingly oily. Initially very sherried. Sweet plums, raisin, fruitcake. A little nuttiness. And some familiar Christmas spices. Lots of vanilla and thick honeys. Very richly syrupy sweet and chewy.


Those fruitcake rich notes go on and on, very long finish, chest warming and has a feel good factor I love in old, well matured whiskies. At the end of the finish we finally dry out with some oakiness.

Adding water.

The tiniest drop added as this Whisky is old. The nose is bursting with aged, varnished and polished oak now, still fruity to the core, but showing a great age. The palate is slightly lighter but full of flavour. The sugars rich and fulfilling. Fruity as before and sweeter now diluted. The finish is long fruity and heartwarming. Excellent stuff.


An excellent aged Whisky, showing a fruity side with well balanced age and very good maturation. If I could afford it I would drink a lot of this one. It’s very very nice if it doesn’t break your bank.

Many thanks to Tullibardine Distillery for providing me with a sample, and all of the samples recently reviewed. I’ve enjoyed every one. This 25 year old is fantastic stuff.


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