Whisky Review – Bunnahabhain 26 year old Lady of the Glen single cask

Bunnahabhain 26 year old Lady of the Glen single cask
50.1% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colourings
Distilled 16th November 1987
Bourbon refill cask
Only 205 bottles.

£130.00 for 70cl available from LadyoftheGlen
£65.00 for 20cl available from LadyoftheGlen


Thick, complex. Banana, toffee, vanilla, chewy caramel. Stewed apples. Cinnamon. Pepper. Assorted mix spice. Considering its age it isn’t wood heavy. There is a definite oaky air to it, but there is a lot going on all around, nicely balanced on the nose as well, with nothing overwhelming or leading. With time I’m getting more buttery and creamy elements. And now some floral. Very little smoke, possibly an edge of char (I have to be careful I can smell lots of neighbours bbq’s at the moment). Every time I go back to it there is something different in the forefront to the background. With a little more time there is a spicy intensity going on amongst the stewed fruit background. It really is intriguing stuff, a lot of time can be spent with this aroma. I’m sure I can smell a good whiff of chocolate amongst things now.


Sweet and salty. Mouth watering saltiness on the initial arrival. Development goes into the creamy vanilla, with salted praline. Light caramel. Some chocolate. A little mashed banana. Some oak spices. Drying sawdust. A very oily mouthcoating nature to this dram.


Thick buttery vanilla with a little salt and bitter oak. A touch of milk chocolate. The vanilla cream continues for a long while. There also seems a tiny whiff of bonfire smoke lingering around my mouth parts.

Adding water.

Just a few drops added. The nose is a softer vanilla creamy cakey pastry. It really is a Boston cream pie donut in a glass on the nose! There’s some dusting cocoa powder. A little floral. Quiet oak. It’s a consistently lovely nose. The palate is still a daring sweet then salty, now with a little more creaminess into the development. End development we get some more bitter salted chocolate. The finish very long and changing. It is salty, drying, chocolate and vanilla with cinnamon dust, then ages afterwards I’m still tasting some spiced fruits, oak, vanilla, a little wood char. Memorable in its resilience to fade away!


Intriguing and complex, this is not for the beginner. This Whisky is demanding. Requires time, exploration and someone who appreciates it’s complexities. A truly unique Whisky.

Many thanks to Gregor at Lady of the Glen for the review sample.


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