Whisky Review – Octomore Discovery 2014 Festival Bottling

Octomore Discovery
2014 festival bottling
Limited to 1500 bottles
Quadruple Distilled
7 years old.
Oloroso Sherry cask matured
69.5% ABV
£150.00 from Bruichladdich Distillery shop.

I’ve been looking forward to this, so with no delay here we go.


It’s BBQ smoked meats in the foreground. A little hot road tar. Some rubber. Burning tyres. Sweet maple cured bacon. This burns the nose, so keep it out the glass! This is a very very pig roast, fat fuelled, crunchy pork rind intense nose. There is a level of sweetness in the background coming from the sherry casks, but it’s tricky to find. A little dried fruits as well, sometimes when I can get through the clouds of burning hog skin. With time in the glass there is a little more sharp citrus coming through and the dried fruits are a little more forward. But the BBQ is roaring the whole time.


Oh my. Surprisingly not too hot on the alcohol burn. There is heat, but blind tasting, I wouldn’t put this much over 50%! Sweet arrival, heat, immediately followed with some salted ham, bacon, some dried fruity notes, and wow, it’s so lovely, silky, oily, thick mouthcoating yum tastic. Lots of sweet and sour going through the development. After it’s sat around for a while, after a good few sips, the next sip (we’re talking 30-40 mins from start) has now got a lot of sherried fruit in there, fruitcake, plums, raisin, intense sherried in fact, where it was practically non existent before. This is a developing dram over sips and time. Fantastic.


Sweet sherried fruits for just a moment, then salty pig flesh. Earthy peat. Some sweetness in the form of wet grassy notes. It goes on and on, salt and meat, meat and salt and a little dried cakey fruit. Drying at the end, leaving all the bacon Greece that is burning away on white hot embers in the back of the nose and mouth. It’s big time intensive all around. About ten minutes after the sip I can start to taste some more sherried dark fruit notes in my mouth, like I had been drinking a sherried Whisky more recently! Bizarre! Oh, the feel good factor. Big time!

Adding water.

You know what. I don’t know if I want to add water. This is such the experience neat, I don’t want to dilute that experience. But then again I would like to get my nose right in there, so let’s add a bunch. The nose is now slightly more focused on the earthy peat and grass notes, with the bacon elements still playing a part but more restrained. The palate is sweeter, more fruity up front, almightily intense, oil invasive to every nook and cranny of the mouth, much more sweeter intensive, with white sugar, sugar soaked raisin, some fruitcake, sweet lemon juice, the finish is now very sweet, with fruit, a little oak drying tannins and well, it’s just a hell of an experience.


Octomore is always about the experience. And Discovery is no exception to that rule. In fact I would go as far as to say it is the ultimate experience of Octomore experiences. Its in your face massive. I’m not sure how well suited it is to summer weather, but I have thoroughly enjoyed this trip and it’s hot, so I guess it’s fine. I look forward to retrying this in the winter months as I’m sure it will be the perfection of winter earners. One last sip after adding even more water. Nose – the bacon is back, and it’s bigger than ever. The palate – sweet, oh my! Juicy, earthy peat, bacon, sugar, sugar, sugar. Finish. Earthy, meaty, sweetie pleasure.