Whisky Review – Darkness! Glen Moray 22 years old.

Glen Moray 22 years old.
Oloroso Sherry cask finished
No colouring. No chill filtration.
57.8% ABV
£99.95 from MasterOfMalt.

The first in a long run of Darkness samples I will be reviewing. Darkness is a selection of in your face single malts and single grains for those who love sherry monsters. They have been extra matured in small specially crafted sherry casks.


Big sherry notes. Nutty. Walnuts, Brazil nuts. Quite hot and dusty, with a touch of background floral. Rich rum soaked fruitcake. A touch of wood glue and polish. Some hidden old oak qualities behind the sherry blanket. Dried dark fruits. Behind the scenes there are some vanilla and almond marzipan notes. Some dusty cocoa notes come with time in the glass.


Sweet sherry, fruity thickness arrival. Lots of fruitcake, orange peel, nutty dryness coming through in the development. Then a punch of vanilla, quite big and bourbon like, some marzipan as with the nose. Quite a bit of dark dusty old chocolate as well. The mouth is very thick and oily, and this is a quite chewable dram. Scrummy


Medium length, sherry notes die out leaving dry oak, a little vanilla and a touch of dried dark fruits. And the chocolate remains around a little longer with a touch of salted caramel thrown in.

Adding water.

A few drops of water added in. The nose now is more Armagnac like, the vanilla and almond presence really in the forefront. There is still vanilla and sherry notes, some extra levels of nuttiness also, the drop of water has done wonders to balance out the nose. Quite a pungent floral edge now as well. The diluted palate is sweeter on arrival, lots of brown sugar, sweet honey, caramel thickness, with some lighter sherry notes. There is still fruit and nuts on the scene, restrained now, but in better balance with the additional sweetness. The finish is now longer, sweeter, has a more nutty dryness, and is very nice indeed. Much better balanced with a drop of water and more rewarding for it.


An interesting, lovely Whisky. It has quite a youthfulness about it relative to its 22 years of age, a lot of complexities and it’s transformation with water makes this very much a two sided, intriguing Whisky.

Thank you to Master of Malt and Maverick Drinks for providing the review sample.