Whisky Review – Isle of Jura 16 year old – Diurachs’ Own

Isle of Jura 16 year old – Diurachs’ Own
40% ABV
£43.07 from MasterOfMalt


Young, slightly spirity nose. Touches of tequila. Fruity honey. Sugared and spiced cooking apples. Demerara sugar. Gloopy honey. Some floral spiciness. Touches of vanilla.


Quite thick on the mouthfeel despite the low ABV. Lots of honey. Sugar. Some apple and orange flesh. A little crystallised ginger. Simple and effective.


Warming, hugging. Ginger spice, some orange. A touch of chocolate. Very little in your face oak. Remains sweet. Simple. And very pleasant.

Adding water.

Only adding a drop. The nose has a touch more spicy bite to it now. The palate, has lost some of the oiliness, but has developed a charred note adding a little complexity. The finish is mellow and satisfying.


This is a young 16 year old. Perfectly enjoyable, tasty and non offensive. It’s an easy session dram. I would dearly, dearly love to try this at 46%. NCF. No additives! I only hope this will become a possibility one day.


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