Whisky Review – Isle of Jura – Prophecy

Isle of Jura – Prophecy
46% ABV
Non-chill filtered????
£49.55 from TheWhiskyExchange


Dry bonfire smoke. Salty seawater. Meaty elements akin to beef jerky. Some thick honey. A little cracked pepper with the sea salt. Some cigarette ash. A touch of road tar. For anyone expecting heavy peat the likes of Laphroaig, Ardbeg or Port Charlotte will be slightly disappointed as I would rate the smokiness more to the levels of talisker. With a similar burning leaves level of smoke rather than anything TCP or earthy in nature.


Sweet peat. Dry smoke and ash. BBQ brown sugar(!). Salted caramelised ham. Nicely balanced. Pleasantly savoury.


Warm. Short. Drying out smokey, ashy, charred oak. A touch of honey. And a chunk of burnt meat. Finale of very dry burnt oak.

Adding water.

Few drops added. The nose has more herbal elements to the smoke now and a little added caramel sweetness. The palate reflects the additional sweetness and caramel, reducing the smokiness a tad. The finish has the same effect. Sweeter, less burnt meat and more burnt sugars. With a small touch if bitter oak. I’m a bit half and half on this is better with or without. A matter of taste I suppose.


The added oomph from the extra ABV is evident, and gives greater variation. This is the most complex and interesting of the standard bottlings. It’s a tad pricy, but when on offer you cannot go wrong.


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