Whisky Review – Darkness! Clynelish 16 years old.

Clynelish 16 years old.
Oloroso Sherry cask finished
No colouring. No chill filtration.
54.9% ABV
£74.95 from MasterOfMalt.

Darkness is a selection of in your face single malts and single grains for those who love sherry monsters. They have been extra matured in small specially crafted sherry casks.


Initially this is all about dry spices and walnut nuttiness. But after a little air we get some fruit elements coming forward. Familiar soft raisin notes. Some chocolate. Oranges. Malty cereal. Pepper, ginger, cinnamon spices. A touch of burnt toast with marmalade.


Another big time sherry boisterous monster. Loads of thick sherry influence here. Raisin, sultana, fruitcake, Christmas spices, chocolate, orange peel. Honey rum drenched cake mix. Nuts. Cherry. Cherry stones. This is as close as you can get to homemade Christmas pudding in a glass.


Who says Christmas only comes once a year. This Christmas pudding is staying for a good while. Along with some well integrated spices, warming the chest. The pudding hangs and hangs and lingers for a long while, slowly fading. This stuff makes me happy! Long after you think the flavour of the dram is gone, a spicy tingle on the tongue reminds you 5 minutes later!

Adding water.

A splash added. The fruit is now backseated on the nose, with the spicy intensity well and truly in the front. The palate however, is still a fruity monster, very juicy, well integrated fruit and spices, all the fun of the Christmas pudding with a little less alcohol intensity, some added sweetness also going into the finish which is still very long, very sweet, Christmas pudding with added caramelised brown sugar.


Sherry bombastic. This is a monstrous dram. If you like the sherry monsters this is well up there with some of the most intensive I have tried. This is one which could be described as too much sherry, it’s pretty damn good in my book though!

Thank you to Master of Malt and Maverick Drinks for providing the review sample.


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