Whisky Review – Darkness! Macallan 15 years old.

Macallan 15 years old.
Pedro Ximenez Sherry cask finished
No colouring. No chill filtration.
52.3% ABV
£109.95 from MasterOfMalt.

Darkness is a selection of in your face single malts and single grains for those who love sherry monsters. They have been extra matured in small specially crafted sherry casks.


Sweet syrup. Toffee. Boiled sweets. Foxes fruit sweets. There’s a fruit toffo element as well. (If you can remember those fruity toffee sweets?!). Some prominent elements of PX sherry. Thick dry raisin. Some red fruits. Fruitcake. Christmas spices. It’s a very tasty nose, promising of great things. There’s a waxy nature, reminding me of thick bees wax polish roasting in the sun. There is a touch of freshly cracked nuts.


Fruity. Soft apricots with honey. Loads of autumn berries. Christmas cake. Raisin, plum, apples, a bit of everything, a massive fruit basket of complexity. There is a touch of salted caramel, lots of honey sweetness. Chocolate. Some nuttiness is floating in and out through the development. Chewy with a substantial mouthfeel. The delivery continues to a slight effervescent fizz.


The effervescence continues into the finish, which is almightily fruity, sweet, with a tad of drying oak, a minute touch of nuts, but it’s the thick fruity zinginess which wins through.

Adding water.

Small drop added in. It’s got fruitier! The fruit is now more integrated creating a fruit salad compote. There is a little added pepper bite, with a touch of ginger cake added in. The palate, while slightly lighter in the mouthfeel, is absolutely gorgeous. So much fruit and richness. All of the previous fruit flavours dialled up to 11, with a mouth watering intensity. The finish is slightly longer, still all about the fruit, warming hugging lush!


Delectable. This is a fruity blasting beast. Sherry monster most definitely, but with some added complexity and pizzazz. Fantastic stuff. Gutted when this sample ran dry. This is actually sold out now, but drink by the dram is still available, follow the link above to get a chance to devour this little beauty.

Thank you to Master of Malt and Maverick Drinks for providing the review sample.


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