Whisky Review – Benriach 12 year old

Benriach 12 year old
40% ABV
£26.43 from MasterOfMalt

I won this bottle a while back in a competition that www.scotchwhiskyexpress.com ran, lucky bugger that I am sometimes. :-). Finally got to open it and well, very surprised.


Very fruity indeed. Tropical fruits. Pineapple dominant, fresh sweet apple, oranges, kiwi. Light dusting sugar. Some malty sugars. An influence of oak, but minimal, with the slightest hint of char from the oak.


All that fruity goodness comes through on the palate from arrival through development. It is a very juicy, fruity dram. Through the development we also have some of that oak tannins, charred wood effect, with the fruit going back slightly. Confectionary sugar is evident all the way through the experience.


Sweet. Fruit and sugar fades slowly, with a little dryness towards the very end with a touch of oak tannin bitterness, but nothing off putting.

Adding water.

Small drop as it’s already 40%. The nose is now more malty floral with the fruit quite dulled down. The palate still retains it’s fruitiness, but mid development more bitter notes come through from the oak. The finish retains this tannin rich flavour, with the familiar sugars coming through at the end. One not to water in my opinion.


I wish, I wish this was 46% with NCF. I’m not sure there is much if any colouring anyway, but it would be nice to have this confirmed. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fantastic, easy going, tasty, moreish and stable session dram. It’s really great stuff. Loving it! I would love to experience it a little more purer though, and hopefully one day that will be possible.

Special thanks to www.scotchwhiskyexpress.com, who I won this bottle from a few months ago.


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