Whisky Review – Darkness! Benrinnes 15 year old Oloroso cask finish

Benrinnes 15 year old
Oloroso Sherry cask finished
No colouring. No chill filtration.
52.9% ABV
£59.95 from MasterOfMalt.

Darkness is a selection of in your face single malts and single grains for those who love sherry monsters. They have been extra matured in small specially crafted sherry casks.


Thick, heavy, nuttiness is the first thing to meet you. Then rich dry fruit. Sultanas, raisin, orange peel. The pungent spices are there, peppers, cloves, all spice. Fruitcake in abundance. Some chocolate and coffee round things off. The sherry influence is massive. As you would expect. Absolutely Pinocchio of a nose! As in its huge, not lying.


More banging sherry! Which I like! This is most definitely oloroso. Lots of chocolate, nuts, dried raisins, as close as fruit and nut choccie bar in Whisky form as you can get. Deep with pepper spice, all spice, those cloves all as per the nose, a little ginger heat. Lots of dried fruits. Nuts. Honey and brown sugar. The development continues to concentrate on the nuttiness and gives some oak maturity coming through.


The dried fruits and nuts stick around for a medium finish. A little drying oak towards the very end, with the dried fruits staying around, in a sweet and sour and borderline savoury way, almost a little meaty.

Adding water.

A few drops added. The nose is a little more subdued now, but in a good way as you can really get your nostrils in there. Spicy dryness and nuts are in the forefront, with a background if sheer dried fruit filth (I mean that very positively!). The palate is thicker, sweeter, and had buckets of the dried fruit going forward. Most definitely chewier and almighty tasty, with the nuts coming through in the development. Tasty chocolate and a little coffee is now prominent during the development. The finish is drier, more of a concentration on the oak, and the fruit slightly silenced, a touch of oak tannins coming in also.


I’m quite surprised. I was expecting to like this version more than the PX. Especially by the massive nose on it. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fantastic Whisky, a really dig it. But having this alongside the PX in the same tasting session means it has weakened the experience a little. Like I said, awesome Whisky, but between the pair, my vote is on the PX version. Having said all that. If I were to compare this with a good batch a’bunadh. I would be drinking this one all the way!

Thank you to Master of Malt and Maverick Drinks for providing the review sample.


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