Whisky Review – Darkness! Benrinnes 15 year old Pedro Ximenez cask finish

Benrinnes 15 year old
Pedro Ximenez cask finish
No colouring. No chill filtration.
53.3% ABV
£59.95 from MasterOfMalt.

Darkness is a selection of in your face single malts and single grains for those who love sherry monsters. They have been extra matured in small specially crafted sherry casks.


Sweet and heavy sherry. Not quite as in your face as the oloroso finished Benrinnes. This is a little more subtle and has a deeper texture going on. You can get your nose into this one and behind the scenes you have some maltiness coming through. A little vanilla and some oak. There’s still the sherry of course, and with this going a Pedro Ximenez, you have a more sticky fruit jam going on. Less of the spice and nuts. A little more on the rum soaked raisins, sugary sweet, with a boiled down, thick fruit jam.


Sweet, and thick and all that jammy texture comes through. A little bit of flare from the high ABV. Then the flavours come through. Juicy juicy raisins, fruitcake, some light hazelnuts, chocolate icing, plums, some pepper spice. Rich fruit wines, some sugared rhubarb even. Very tasty.


A little short on the jam, although a light layer of fruit sticks around, but dryness is more the theme of this finish, with some oak and a touch of raisin sticking to the tongue for a fair while.

Adding water.

A good few drops added. The nose now has a dustier sugared side to it. More nuts. A little floral oak. Still quite sherry intensive, but a little more variation. Perhaps showing some of the previous maturation before the sherry cask finish. The palate seems sweeter with those new sugars enlivened by the water. Almost thicker on the palate than before. Very juicy and flavoursome, more oranges and orange peel in the mix now. The finish is slightly drier and nuttier. Very engaging stuff.


Beautiful Whisky. Very tasty, one of the best sherry finishes I’ve ever had. Difficult to not believe it was longer in a sherry cask. It would have been very interesting to try the before the sherry cask finish version, maybe this is something MoM/Maverick would consider as part of their Reference series? Maybe a Darkness and Light series? 🙂

Thank you to Master of Malt and Maverick Drinks for providing the review sample.


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