Whisky Review – Glen Moray 10 year old Chardonnay cask

Glen Moray 10 year old Chardonnay cask
40% ABV
£23.71 at MasterOfMalt

Matured for its entirety of 10 years in ex Chardonnay wine casks.


The Chardonnay influence is most evident. Lots of fruit and spice. Grapes. Orange. Pears. Pineapple. Ripe peach. Tonnes of fruit, all ripe. Some berries also, strawberries and blackberries I think. Some light oak spices a touch of cinnamon. Very very pleasant. Summery Whisky.


For a 40% chill filtered Whisky, this has quite a thick, coating mouthfeel. The fruit basket transfers to the palate, and is quite frankly beautiful. There is a little added sugar also, natural sugars, some boiled travel sweet powdered sugar. And with that there is also tonnes of old fashioned sweets, and lots of sweet fruit juices. A touch of citrus acidity which adds some balance and variation to stop it being so sweet. A touch of light spices assist with this balance also and makes for a very tasty and moreish dram.


Medium length. Very Juicy, warming, light spices. Drying out with a little tannin influence. But always juicy and easy drinking.

Adding water.

Just a few drops as it’s already at the minimum ABV. The nose has more of the sweetie shop notes in the foreground now, less fruit and more juice with sweeties. Haribo pineapple cubes, lemon sherberts. Nice. The palate reflects this with more sugary and confectionary going on than with the undiluted palate. The finish retains this sweetness and the juiciness returns. Truly tasty.


This is really excellent value for money malt. Quite different to your regular Glen Moray, and different to other single malts due to its wine maturation. A very summer infused Whisky and therefore perfect for summer sipping. Excellent bang for buck as it’s in the mid twenty pound mark, £21 when last on offer. Do yourself a favour and buy 2 though, as 1 is likely to evaporate down ones throat pretty quickly.


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