Whisky Review – Queen Margot 8 year old blend. LIDL

Queen Margot 8 year old blend. LIDL
40% ABV
£13.29 (on special at £11.99 right now) – only at LIDL

1. Recent surprise Gold award winner in the IWSC (International Wines and Spirits Competition).
2. Bargain price.
3. Must try!


There is a young, spirit driven nature to the nose, but there is an awful lot of good stuff going on as well. Vanilla. Creamy grain. Warm honey. Custardy. Quite prominent desiccated coconut. Sponge cake. Various light honey and fudginess.


Everything on the nose translates to the palate, a very light, honeyed, custardy, vanilla, pleasant Whisky. Some dry oak helps balance out the grain, a little bitterness from the oak, but for the age very smooth and with no throat burn as you may expect. It’s warming on the chest.


The lingering custardy grain is warming and hangs around for a medium finish with some drying oak and is quite all around relaxing.

Adding water.

A couple tiny drops and a little time. The spirit is lowered with all the other aromas enriched, lots of coconut sponge cake with creamy vanilla custard. The palate is very creamy, reminds me quite a bit of something triple distilled, but it’s probably just the grain content. The slight bitter edge is a little earlier coming in the development now, so I would probably leave it without water.


This is excellent value for money. It doesn’t break any records, or blows the doors open for complexity or curiosity. But as a standard drinking Whisky, as a sipper, not a mixer drencher, it is really very good. I mean, what other Whisky can you get for £11-14 that isn’t meant to be sloshed over ice or with something fizzy and syrupy?
Incidentally, I opened a bottle of a very popular mainstream label blend to do a side by side comparison. I won’t tell you about that one (after all my mum always said if you haven’t got anything nice to say about something, don’t say anything at all), and Queen Margot does the business all over it! That blend is currently £17 in Sainsbury’s!


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