Whisky Review – Glendronach 18 year old Tawny Port Finish

Glendronach 18 year old Tawny Port Finish
46% ABV
Non-chill filtered
Natural colour
£67.28 from MasterOfMalt

This 18 year old Tawny Port finish from Glendronach is replacing their previously available 15 year old version. I guess it’s worth grabbing a few bottles of the 15 version as it will soon be very hard to find.


I don’t normally say much about colour, but this one is quite remarkable, a lovely light copper tinge to this Whisky, not a pinksky like many port matured whiskies, this is more orangesky!


Complex red fruits and maltiness. Some struck match. Time in the glass enhances the fruits and a distinctive raspberry/strawberry mix is in the front, with some oranges, rich citrus juices. Quite spicy with pepper, nutmeg and some creamy vanilla hidden in the background.


The red berry jammy flavour is well and truly up front. A buttery, thick texture, some vanilla and creaminess. Well defined malty barley notes. The fruit is nicely complex with raspberry, red currents, grape, strawberries all in the palate with some custardy vanilla finishing it off. Quite a summer fruit crumble.


The finish retains the fruit and creaminess, is lovely and warming on the chest.

Adding water.

A couple drops added. The nose now has more immediate balance and some added creaminess. The palate is more refined now, and fruitier, with more of a juicy berry up front whilst still retaining the creaminess. Very thick and enjoyable. The finish continues through as before with some lovely creamy texture and an enjoyable warmth. A small drop of water enhances this.


This dram demands some patience. Initially the nose can be quite harsh, but after a good amount of time in the glass it really calms down and the best of it is there to enjoy. And very enjoyable this Whisky is. It’s not for everyone as a lot of Whisky fans do not like wine maturation, but if you like a port/wine finished fruity Whisky then this is an excellent example.

Thank you to Glendronach for providing a review sample


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