Whisky Review – Lochranza Reserve – Isle of Arran

Lochranza Reserve – Isle of Arran
43% ABV
Non-chill filtered
Natural colour
~£25-30 from European supermarkets. Look out for it on your holidays.

Lochranza Reserve is a non-age statement Whisky from Isle of Arran for supply to large retailers, mostly located in the European Union. It’s entry level price at around 25euro in the Netherlands, and I’ve been intrigued to try it since it was announced earlier this year.


Light creamy malt. Spirity in nature. Plenty of vanilla. Some apples, a touch of citrus. Confectionary sugar. Runny honey. There’s the tiniest touch of salty air. This is quite a light dram, but still full of interesting stuff.


Sweet, lots of varying sugars, honey, toffee apples, malty barley notes. Lots of creamy vanilla.


Sweetness all the way through, the toffee and honey flavours go on for a medium finish. Quite chewy and moreish.

Adding water.

A wee dollop of water added. The nose now has an intensified honey/toffee aroma, with a touch of floral honey coming into the mix. Palate wise, we have all that sweetness from before, not overly complex, but the texture and sheer voluptuous flavour of the sugars is so enjoyable. The finish retains sweetness, and now exhibits a little dryness at the end.


This is a very pleasant, easygoing, drinkable Whisky. I don’t know why it isn’t on the shelves in the uk. Because at a price point of the mid twenties, it would give exceptional value for money.

Thank you to Isle so Arran for providing a review sample


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