Whisky Review – The Devil’s Punchbowl Chapter 3 (Isle of Arran)

The Devil’s Punchbowl Chapter 3 (Isle of Arran)
53.4% ABV
Non-chill filtered
Natural colour
~£80 but sold out
Drink by the Dram available at MasterOfMalt

The Tirlogy has come to an end with this last entry in the Devil’s Punchbowl range from Isle of Arran. I’ve loved these whiskies and this final release I have been looking forward to for a while. Let’s get into the Punchbowl for one last dip.


Well well, a bit of dry smoke to this one initially. A charred wood smoke, not peat fire, or medicinal, pure smoke from freshly burnt oak. With that we have some salty sea air and burnt toast. Quite malty. Not a lot of fruit at this stage, could do with a drop of water I expect. Some liquorice and/or aniseed. Intriguing stuff. Spice wise it’s all about the smouldering oak. With time, more of the toast and malty biscuit notes are in the mix.


Wow! Malty initially, then there’s the fruit, some burnt fruit jams, apricot, plum, over stewed fruits definitely. Maltiness back again, with some of that oak charred influence. Chewy, intensive sugars. Roasted brown caramelised sugar. Lots of fruity tarts with crispy brown sugar topping.


Fruit and honey sweetness. Quite intensive sugars, warming down in the chest. Quite easy going for the full strength, and very enjoyable.

Adding water.

I’m going to add and add drops at a time until I get the balance right. The nose now gives off some nuttiness, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts. Some of the burnt fruit jam nature from the palate is now coming through on the nose. Richly intensive, with some added sugar sweetness in the form of icing sugar. The palate is sweeter now, fruits present and less burnt, there is an overall more balanced nature to the palate, still intensive, but added in is some creamy smoothness, the mouthfeel now not so hot with the alcohol is so very smooth and silky. The finish continues this smooth, luxury feel. Beautiful. Water highly recommended, but undiluted this Whisky does have a different profile, so must be experienced in both states.


The undiluted palate is amazing. Very intensive and fruity despite the misleading (albeit intriguing) nose, very devilish! With water the devil is defeated, and a angelic dram is there to be enjoyed with heavenly vigour. This is a great Whisky. Very enjoyable, intriguing and overall sublime. I’m so glad I got a bottle in as soon as it was available. If you like the profile described above and can get a bottle, jump on it!

Thank you to Isle so Arran for providing a review sample


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