Whisky Review – The One Blend (Lakes Distillery)

The One Blend (Lakes Distillery)
40% ABV
£29.95 at MasterOfMalt

The One blend is the first release from The Lakes Distillery in Cumbria. It is a blend of whiskies from all of the British isles.


Immediately a smokey influenced blend. The smoke being quite a balanced mix of medicinal peat and bonfire smoke. Floral and honey in abundance join in with the smoking nose. With vanilla, pepper and some dry dark fruits in the mix. There are some complex spices in the background, cinnamon and star anise. Liquorice root. All the way through is a dry treacle sweetness.


Sweet, spicy arrival. Honey, peat, pepper and a pinch of chilli heat comes forward. Development moves into thicker honey and toffee notes, continuing a lighter spiciness. Some chewiness accompanies the continuing honey fudge factory, a touch of floral, and tiny touch of wood sour. With time, this dram becomes very creamy on the palate, very quaffable.


Sweet, treacle, honey, toffee fudge. A slight oaky drying bitterness towards the end of the medium finish. Dry, smoke and treacle toffee is left behind at the very end.

Adding water.

Only the tiniest drop added. The nose is now more floral with the smoke reduced. The palate whilst very similar undiluted now doesn’t have so much of the wood sour and bitterness in the finish. It is drier though, so it’s a trade off of one for another. Personally I prefer this Whisky without water as it has more of a substantial flavour throughout without dilution.


A very competent and easy sipping pleasant blend. I can quite happily chill out to this as a session dram, tasty and mouth pleasing.

Much thanks to The Lakes Distillery for the sample, great stuff. Keep up the good work, good luck with the development, and hope to revisit very soon. 🙂