Whisky Review – Timorous Beastie Highland Vatted Malt

Timorous Beastie Highland Vatted Malt
46.8% ABV
Non chill filtered
No added colouring
£36.00 Available from Whisky Galore at the Green Welly Stop

Following on from last years highly successful ‘Scallywag’ Blended malt, we have the brand new Timorous Beastie from Douglas Laing. A small batch Highland Vatted malt is bottled at 46.8% and without colouring or chill-filtration!


Sweet and very floral up front. Fields of wild flowers and heather. Lots of honey and light peppery spices. Very intensely highland style, with quite a breathtaking punch on the nose, the extra alcohol content has been put to good use to carry some deep aromas through. Complicated sweet fudge, toffee and spiced honey. With time in the glass we get a touch of beeswax polish.


Very sweet, fudge first, complex honey, creamy toffee. Some vanilla. Light spices. Beeswax, fresh runny honey, almost feels like a bee less hive circling around the tongue. A touch of pepper. Lots of flowery pollen like complexities.


A medium length, Light, aromatic spicy honeyfudgetoffee lingers and fades into warming your chest. Pleasing a gentle aftertaste hangs around like you’ve been sucking on a number of toffee sweets for half the day.

Adding water.

A couple of drops added. An added depth of honeysuckle and various floral elements whilst retaining the heavy honey notes. The palate, while slightly reduced in intensity, has more balance and variety of accessible floral flavours. There is a wee touch of bitter treacle toffee in the palate also. The finish remains warming, satisfying and sticky toffee pudding like. Excellent to add a small amount of water to.


As much as I don’t like to encourage early drinking. This is a superb breakfast Whisky. Something to quaff alongside your porridge or cereal of choice on a lazy day. Very moreish. Elegantly sweet and flavoursome. A Whisky very representative of the highland style, gloriously laid back. Very high quality stuff.

Many thanks to Douglas Laing for the review sample.


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