Whisky Review – Kilchoman Port Cask

Kilchoman Port Cask
55% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
£69.95 from MasterOfMalt.

I’ve been looking forward to this one since hearing about it on the twittersphere sometime back. Port matured Whiskies are currently a favourite of mine,and last years Laphroaig Port Cask Cairdeas (review here) was mostly to blame for this flavour fashion on my palate.


Pink. Pink. Pink.


Initially sweet smoky toffee. Air the oxygen enhances the nose the smoky embers are released. Pungent bonfire smoke. Ozone. Salty sea air. A little coal and ash. The ABV is high and is evident with a little nose sting if you get too close. With some time in the glass, fruit comes in waves with the smoke. Red berries, blackberries, brambles. A real countryside nature to the wild fruits. That familiar Kilchoman signature country farmyard aroma is present as well in the background. Being a bit of a country boy from Somerset, a good portion of this nose reminds me of my childhood rambling around the Uncle’s farmyard orchard. There is engine oil notes backing things up, in a good rounded rich way. Considering this whisky is only just over 3 years old it smells a lot older. Little more time in the glass and it’s more fruit up front. Rich, sticky and sweet jams. Incredibly moreish on the nose. Sniffing this for a pastime.


Immediately red fruits, blackberry, raspberry, a hint of strawberry, some cherry, then peat hits, mossy earthy, hay like. The ABV kicks in just a little, not much at all considering its 55%. Once that passes things become creamy, peat dominated, but with a coating of fruit jams and cream. Some marmalade, more peat, more fruit, nicely levelled and varying every sip. Lush stuff. With time in the glass the palate is more fruit bound with the peat curtain. There is quite a variation based on time and oxidisation in this dram, one to pour a big one of and take your time with studying the changes as the minutes pass. Glorious.


Medium finish. Fruity jammy creamy sweets, like foam haribo or wine gums and custard. Earthy peat, some sweet dewy grass. Very smooth with no harsh burning, again, amazing for its age.

Adding water.

Little splash added. The smoke has returned with ashy intensity on the nose, with the fruit backgrounded. On the reduced palate the creamy fruit jams are in full effect, with the lesser ABV things are creamier and sweeter and more pleasurable, with more jelly sweet confectionary being present throughout the development and into the finish which holds that fruitiness all the way through.


Can’t decide if this is breakfast dram to go with toast or a supper time dram, or an anytime autumnal dram, or all of the above. Any which way, it’s fantastically fruity, jammy, scrumptious stuff. Bloody love it. Unfortunately it’s a bit sold out now, if you see one and you like fruit and peat it’s awesome. Highly recommended.

Much thanks to Kilchoman for the review sample.