Whisky Review – Aberlour A’bunadh batch 49

Aberlour A’bunadh batch 49
60.1% ABV
Non chill filtered
No added colouring
Cask strength
£39.06 from MasterOfMalt

Cracking open a new A’bunadh is like the changing of the whisky guard. I always have one open, I don’t generally get to open every batch, but as one batches shift comes to the end, the latest batch available will take its place. And it’s that time again. Batch 46, which I reviewed here and was quite disappointed with (hence a long time til it got finished – and in fairness it did improve with air), is to be replaced with the latest released batch 49. What are we going to get this time around. Fingers are well and truly crossed.


Straight from the freshly opened bottle there is already a good feeling about this batch. Lots of dry oloroso notes. Nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and Brazil. Lots of toffee. Dark, treacle toffee dense sweetness. Demerara sugar. Overly toasted Creme brûlée. A tiny touch of struck match, but nothing too detracting. This is a dark side dram. Lots of deep dark sugars.


Sweet. Lots of caramel. Toffee. Fudge. Tablet (sugary fudge type confectionary). Dry treacle. It’s intensely sweet. Possibly even too sweet. I think water is needed.


Medium length. Treacle toffee. Fudge. A touch of dry nuttiness amongst the sweetness.

Adding water.

Added a reasonable slosh, A’bunadh can take it. Ok, the nose is more like it. Any slight struck match is gone. Toffee and fudge in abundance still, but the fruit is starting to come through. We’re getting some rum and raisin. Fruitcake. Prunes. The nuttiness is intensified now. On the palate we have more fruits with the sugar. The sugar is still a dominating factor, but we are at least getting some soft dark fruits in amongst it. Raisin and sultana and a touch of cherry. There is also a slight touch of liquorice.


This is much more like it. Very nice indeed. Still not as good as some previous batches. 45 was my most recent favourite, but I haven’t tried 47 or 48 properly. I don’t normally give scores, but as a comparison to other batches I would say this is a 8/10 in the A’bunadh field, assuming batch 45 was a 9/10 and batch 46 was a 6.5/10.