Whisky Review – Ardmore Traditional Cask

Ardmore Traditional Cask
46% ABV
Non chill filtered
£25.00 available from Whisky Galore at The Green Welly Stop


Sweet peat smoke. Balanced between bonfire and medicinal. A touch of TCP, but not much. Buckets of rich vanilla. White pepper. There is a pleasant youth to this which combines really nicely with the smoke and spices. Fruit is placed in the background. Dry dark fruits. Raisin. A touch of sweet cherry. The sweetness combined with these elements give quit a scrumptious tasty nose demanding a sip.


Sweet! Vanilla. A hit of alcohol and spice boost of youth. Past this the richness and oily mouthfeel takes over. Sweet turns to peaty earthy damp grass notes. And that oily mouthfeel transfers it well throughout every extremity. Through the later development there is a touch of dark bitterness to the now developed caramel flavours.


The finish retains sweetness and the touch of bitterness. The bitterness fades and were left with dark brown caramelised sugar and treacle toffee with the sweet peat lingering in the background.

Adding water.

A small splash. The nose now exhibits some ashy coal and more bonfire smoke. There is a added touch of heather honey and floral nature. The nose has also some added depths, the smoke is now quite breathtaking. A touch of Parma violets as well! The palate also has more sweet shop confectionary nature to it. Floral sweets, and some candy cough twist notes, a touch of aniseed. The finish is longer, less bitter than the undiluted, continuing the aniseed and liquorice themes, with the barley sugar and sweet shop boiled sweets all going through with the chest warming peaty smoke. This dram explodes with complexity and is quite amazing with a touch of water.


This really is an excellent value for money dram. It’s a lovely complex session dram. Excellent bang for ones buck! It’s younger, and wears that youth very well, lots of great, sweet barley and lighter peat smoke (no competition to Islay, but a great starter for those not too much into their peat – or a nice balancer for someone who’s had a little too much smoke). I’m dead impressed, wish I’d tried this one sooner, but will stock up now that it is discontinued. If you like this whisky, or have an inkling you may, you would be silly not to stock up now. Before its gone forever…

This whisky has been discontinued and replaced with the Ardmore Legacy. Reviewed here.


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