Whisky Review – The Ardmore Legacy

The Ardmore Legacy
40% ABV
~£30.00 available from supermarket chains

I wrote my notes for Ardmore Traditional Cask over a week ago, thoroughly enjoyed it. So it’s with a level of concern that I am going into this review/note tasting session, as with the lower ABV and chill filtration I’m unsure how much the previous sippage is going to influence my thoughts. I’m hoping I’ve waited long enough to be impartial, and I will not reference my Traditional Cask notes until I finish, and do a little side by side end comparison.


Sweet, smoky heather honey. A touch of spirit in there. Pear drops. Warm sugar. Marmalade. A touch of raisin, pepper and cinnamon. The smoke is of twigs burning with some wet grass trying to ignite, with some oak char. Time in the glass results in the more sugary and floral elements coming forward. A nice pleasant smoky highland nose.


Reasonably sweet. Honey, brown sugar, some peat sweetness. Some apple and pear, green fruits. A touch of oak spices, touch of pine. It’s very easy to drink, quaffable, session dram stuff.


Sweet peaty sugar drops in the finish, which is short to middling in duration. Drying out with a touch of oak, and the smokiness hanging around at the back of the throat.

Adding water.

I’m only adding the slightest drop in this one, it’s quite well diluted from the bottle. More floral on the nose now. The palate has more of a sugar forefront with some of the peaty elements retracting to later development with less intensity, the spices also lessen, with the honey notes taking full flight. The finish is slightly shorter with less smoke and more sweet. I would avoid water unless your not enjoying the smoke.


This is a good beginner whisky for someone wanting to experiment from light, floral, honey highland Whiskies into more smoky grounds. It will certainly give someone a great idea as to if they are going to enjoy peated whisky, in a gentle way.


Ok, so I’ve had to pour a wee spot of my bottle of Traditional Cask to do a side by side. I’ll make it brief. There is a clear reason some whiskies are 46%. The non chill filtration gives an oilier, more fulfilling flavour as the liquid naturally spreads more evenly in the mouth. The additional alcohol transposes more richness of nose and depth of palate. Now, I don’t want to be unfair as to the direction Ardmore is taking here, I’m sure there are excellent reasons, but I personally prefer Ardmore Traditional Cask and I will be buying some to enjoy in the future. Both are perfectly good whiskies. It’s just an opinion.

This whisky is replacing the Ardmore Traditional Cask. Reviewed here.

Thank you to Ardmore for providing this review sample.


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