Whisky Review – Glenmorangie Taghta

Glenmorangie Taghta
46% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
£64.75 available from MasterOfMalt

Taghta. Gaelic for ‘chosen’. This is the whisky which was decided upon by many Glenmorangie fans via the Cask Masters selection programme. Votes were cast over an 18 month period on many aspects of this new release. From the initial cask selection, the packaging, name and release location. The chosen one is a Glenmorangie finished in ex-Manzanilla casks.


A predominantly fruity and floral nose. Baked oranges and crisp apples. Some light white grapes and a touch of plum jam. Some trademark honeysuckle floral notes, with a backdrop of honey. Hints of pepper and ginger.


The 46% and non-chill filtration really helps the palate of this (and any) dram. It would be glorious to experience this on the regular 10 year old bottling (hint hint :)).
A warming mixed fruit jam arrival, followed by a little warmth from the extra alcohol content. Touches of crystallised ginger. Then we have waves of honey and fruit interchanging, a touch of citrus sour here and there, with the occasional hint at sherry fruits, raisin & grapes. Some reminders of fruit jelly sweets (haribo) in the late development.


A spicy fruit jam finish. Oranges, peel and citrus continues with some drying oak and a touch of sherry rounding off the experience. Chest hugging warmth completes the end game.

Adding water.

A few drops added. Mmmm. The nose has more of a wine element to it now. White wine grapes (Chardonnay), a touch of light sultana, less of the spice or floral. The palate is still full of fruit, it’s a touch drier now in development, with less of the citrus sour. Some additional fizzy sweets (refreshers) come about end development with the finish slightly shorter and drier. Personally I prefer without water, but it does give a different perspective and a variation/alter-ego on this dram.


There was a lot of separation over cask B and cask C (the final chosen cask) in the blogger sphere. I was quite tied between the two and did edge towards C in the end (sorry!). I kind of wish I still had samples to do another comparison. But I do like this whisky, it’s not a sherry monster, it’s not a winesky (like Glenmorangie Companta was), it’s somewhere in the middle, unique, and well worth a gander.

Thank you to Glenmorangie for providing this review sample.


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