Whisky Review – Machrie Moor Cask Strength (Arran)

Machrie Moor Cask Strength (Arran)
Non Chill Filtered
No added colouring
£49.95 available from MasterOfMalt

The latest release in the Machrie Moor series of peated malts from Arran. This time cask strength! Ooooh!


A lush grass and mossy peat nose. Very crisp and fresh. Maritime, with salty sea air and a touch of tar. Spicy vanilla. Cinnamon. Cardamom. Quite earthy, countryside rich. Some pear drops. Touches of heather honey. A very slight rubber plimsole note. Some lemon citrus. Quite a developmental and complex nose. Changes with every sniff. Some lactic, almost cheesy elements now (in a good way). Now back to briney sea water. Interesting stuff.


Sweet arrival, ABV kicks in a bit, as it subsides there is a mouth filling sweetness of thick honey. The peat delivers some grassy earthy flavour. Vanilla. Chilli warmth. Creamy thick custard. Very oily. Light saltiness.


Creamy. Sweet peat. It is quite numbing from the ABV so think water will aid a bit. Drying oak, a little sawdust. And some earth. A touch of sea salt. Very creamy all the way through a medium-long finish.

Adding water.

A fair slug added. The nose is even more excited now with bigger peat smoke, more saltiness, and the spices the same, with some addition of fruit. Melon and soft fruits a plenty, some apple, lemon, tangerine . Smelling this blind I would swear Islay. The palate is more settled with the lower ABV. At last getting to the citrus fruits, some sweet shop sugars, heather, honey, melon, mango and various ripe fruits. The finish has some oak tannins and soft fruit going for quite a long while. Tails off with touches of cream butter sweets and more honey. The water makes this dram. It needs it and shines with it.


An exciting whisky. Needs time, water and patience. Lots and lots of flavour locked into this cask strength. Dilution is a must and gives so much to the patient whisky drinker. Absolutely brilliant for blind taste tests. A great Xmas present for a whisky drinker who swears by Islay. They will be shocked and surprised, and love it!

Thank you to Arran for providing this review sample.


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