Whisky Review – Penderyn Legend

Penderyn Legend
41% ABV
Non chill filtered
£31.22 from MasterofMalt


Light Amber. I would love to know if there is any colouring in this. There is no mention of the lack of colour on the box, so by default the worst is assumed, although this is very light, so if there is any colouring it would be at a minimum.

note confirmed no added colouring. Penderyn should be proud to add this to their packaging. 🙂


Quite harsh. Spirity. Apples, pears, lots of acetone. It’s clearly a young whisky and initially it feels this way. But with a little time, perseverance and oxygen, it changes. After a good 10-15 minutes in the glass, the harsher edges calm down. We have more of a citrus apple note alongside some vanilla sweetness. A little more time and the nose is now quite tangy, sour fruit in the front with some light icing sugar in the background and a touch of sweet coconut. Some herbal elements also. It’s good evolving and engaging stuff, while being very easily accessible.


The non chill filtering really shows. It’s got some lovely oils which coat around the mouth nicely. Quite astringent, the sour fruits coming through backed up with some malty cereal and biscuit. Herbal throat sweets. There is some vanilla sponge cake in the background, with the sweetness making a short appearance in the development. Time in the mouth and there is more creaminess creeping in.


Short to medium. Throat warming. A touch of fizziness, cream, light dry oak notes. Some desiccated coconut.

Adding water.

This can take a good few drops. The nose retains a lot of tarty fruit, but the sweetness of vanilla and Madeira is coming forward more, giving this a cakey style. The palate reflects this entirely, in fact more so, as the sponge cake is really evident, with some icing sugar, a touch of sweet coconut and even jamminess. This is Victoria sponge cake! The finish is sweeter and moreish.


I really quite like this whisky (went back and bought some more – at time of writing this is £23.99 in Morrisons (til November 2nd 2014 – get yer skates on!)), I think it’s a great one for newbies and experienced whisky types alike, it gives a variation of flavours for those wanting to expand experience and a good solid session dram for those who are a little more experienced.


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