Whisky Review – Lady of the Glen Ben Nevis 16 Year old single cask

Lady of the Glen Ben Nevis 16 Year old single cask
52.08% ABV
Cask strength
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
£55 from Lady of the Glen

This single malt Highland Whisky was distilled on the 3rd of December 1998 and aged in a Sherry Hogshead cask, number 1407.


Soft boiled fruits. Jammy. Marmalade. Banana, Apple and poached pears. A touch of salty butter. Vanilla. Some cereal. A little bit of smoke, charred oak, giving a burnt toast nature. There is also a touch of meatiness about this dram, very savoury intermingled with the jammy fruits. Sweet honey and burnt caramel. A lovely balance of some great complexities.


Complex. Brain overloaded with flavour. Going to take a while here. Seriously jammy. With a touch of salt. Lots of summer fruits over boiled in mountains of sugar. Apples, pears, blackberry, plum, melon, banana. Quite easy to take at cask strength. Luxurious mouthfeel, exceptionally oily and coating. Savoury is amongst all this, pinches of salt here and there and a meaty nature, like walnuts flash fried in ham fat! Sounds bizarre, but tastes awesome to me.


Long finish. Buckets of jam, with a touch of saltiness. Some slight ham notes. Oak drying, but still with that sweet and savoury edge.

Adding water.

A splash added. The nose is now firmly concentrated on the savoury, salty and meaty elements, with some dry toffee. The palate has retained some of the sweetness and jam, and is more layered now, integrated well with the sweet and savoury very well balanced. The palate now exhibits toffee notes and some rich chocolate later in the development. The finish has a touch of chocolate and toffee, long and sweetly rich. It’s a dram of two faces. Quite different with and without water. One worth exploring over a great deal of time.


Breakfast. This dram is a good old breakfast in a glass. And therefore makes for a great breakfast dram! 🙂
An awful lot of complexity considering its relative young age. A demanding whisky requiring time and the patience to enjoy it’s rewards. Not a quaffing whisky by any means, this is a sit back, pour, explore, enjoy and relax. Fantastic experience.

Thanks to Lady of the Glen for the review sample.


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