Whisky Review – Lady of the Glen Speyside 20 Year old single cask

Lady of the Glen Speyside 20 Year old single cask
52.3% ABV
Cask strength
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
£60 from Lady of the Glen

This Single Malt Speyside Whisky was distilled on the 17th of October 1994 and aged in a refill Bourbon hogshead, cask number 1171. Bottled at cask strength with no colourings added – this is non-chill filtered.


Initially sawdust. A touch of mustiness. Dunnage! With a little time in the glass more of a characterful malt comes through. Quite strong in the vanilla fudge and toffee notes. Reminds me quite a bit of a Speymalt I had not so long back. It’s quite a big nose with the high alcohol and a touch closed I think. Some water will be needed here. There are hints of chocolate, apple and lemon juice hidden away.


Quite tart. Lemon citrus acidity. Lively, crisp and fresh. Quite palate cleansing indeed. The ABV heat isn’t so harsh on the palate and the flavours are massive. Development moves into sweet territory, with some lemon juices intermingled amongst vanilla fudge and chewy toffee.


Medium finish concentrating on fudge then citrus oak drying out leaving a citrus twanging sensation, lip smacking.

Adding water.

A few drops added. The nose is now more concentrated on fudge and toffee coated in cocoa dusting. A fair amount of citrus is still evident. The palate is sweeter. Toffee, lemon, orange, chocolate concentrations. With a touch of oak bitterness in the development. And a little nuttiness. Quite a fattening and rich palate now, lovely oiliness. The finish is longer now, more warming further into the chest, with the cleansing lemon citrus hanging around and a touch of a spearmint aftertaste.


A very refreshing dram. Intense on citrus, palate cleansing and pleasing. The background layers of toffee and fudgey chocolate gives this dram some dimensions to explore.

Thanks to Lady of the Glen for the review sample.


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