Whisky Review – Strathisla 12 year old

Strathisla 12 year old
40% ABV
£28.22 from MasterofMalt

One of the main elements of the Chivas Regal range of premium scotch blended whiskies. A Speyside distillery which doesn’t have an awful lot of bottlings out there. Let’s give it a taste.


Very sweet and fruity. Tropical fruits. Apple, orange, pineapple, a smidge of melon, some soft banana. Hints of old polished oak. Honey, treacle toffee. Brown sugar. Most definitely for the sweet tooth. A touch of cinnamon. If there’s a little floral it’s very hidden in the background.


Soft, delicate arrival. Plentiful fruit. Apple, burnt orange, hints of apple. Lots of honey. Quite a light mouthfeel on this one (would most definitely benefit from non chill filtration and an up of the ABV). It’s very easy going on the palate. There is a touch of bitter tannins during the development, but it’s not too distracting from the sweetness.


Short-medium. Some burnt oak, burnt fruit (orange skin). Burnt brown sugar. Slight bitter tannins.

Adding water.

Only a slight drop added as it’s quite optimally diluted. The nose retains a lot of fruit. There is an addition of extra char to the oak and a greater burnt fruit note. Some raisin added now. The palate reflects the changes on the nose. Extra char, and a slight decrease in the bitter elements. The finish is also sweeter, more rounded and fruitier now. A small drop of water is good, but be careful not to overwater.


This is a great session malt. It’s not overly complicated. But for someone who is used to blends and want to try their first single malts, and favour the sweeter flavours, this is excellent stuff. It’s not overly complex so won’t give a challenge to any seasoned whisky drinker, but as a palate awakener it does a great job.


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