Whisky Review – Compass Box Great King St. Glasgow Blend

Compass Box Great King St. Glasgow Blend
Non-chill filtered
No added colouring
43% ABV
£29.45 from MasterofMalt


Whiffs of peat smoke on a field of wild flowers. The smoke takes the form of part medicinal and part charred oak. There’s lots of floral (lilac & lilies) and now some light honey coming through. Time in the glass and we have some Parma violets, sage and wet grass. More time and some fruitier notes come alive. Apples and pears, and a touch of plum.


Sweet arrival, creamy, vanilla, apple, sweet lemon. A chewy texture. Lots of delicate honey and some biscuity malt. There are earthy peat notes in the later development. It’s truly lovely to hold in the mouth and is very moreish. Exceedingly quaffable, and of a high quality.


Long. Very saccharine sweet. Earthy dirt. Light smokey whiffs and a touch of grass. Warming in the chest. The very finish is drying waxy oak invoking a demand for another sip.

Adding water.

Small drop added. The nose is a little more integrated now, still very smokey and more to the medicinal edge, heather honey and some fizzy sherbert in the background. The palate has more dryness going through the arrival into the development. Still predominantly sweet, but with drier undertones, a touch more oak, and drier dirty earth. The finish, drier also, crisp and clean with some fresh, unripe melon creeping in. Fascinating stuff.


A nicely complex dram, with a variation of aromas and flavours which demand time and give much enjoyment. There is a high quality to the component parts of this whisky, giving a great value for money.

Many Thanks to Compass Box for the review sample.


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