Whisky Review – Compass Box The Lost Blend

Compass Box Compass Box The Lost Blend
Non-chill filtered
No added colouring
46% ABV
£77.54 from MasterofMalt

The Lost Blend from Compass Box is comprised of 2 unpeated Highland whiskies, coming from the Clynelish and Allt-á-Bhainne distilleries, and a peated whisky from the Caol Ila distillery on Islay. It has been named in honour of a past Compass Box expression, Eleuthera, which has been lost to the ravages of time, and also shares a name with a 1907 story by O. Henry about two bartenders trying to remember and recreate a blend of spirits which possessed almost supernatural qualities.


The nose opens with lots of ripe fruit. Apples, oranges, melon, mango, pineapple. There is some confectionary in the form of sherbert lemons. Some icing sugar. There is some waxy depth of texture to the fruits. The tiniest smidge of smoke. There is floral honey aplenty, with some fudge and chocolate floating around. An immense nose. Full of really beautiful aromas.


Luxury. Sweet and savoury arrival. All of those fruits from the nose coming through in a jammy cacophony, with some more savoury, salted malty biscuits. The texture is oily and fulfilling. No ABV burn, immensely smooth. During the development things get sweeter, with more confectionary notes. Candy cigarettes come to mind in a big way. A touch of chocolate and a little minty clarity, a very clean and crisp palate.


It goes on for absolutely ages. Sweet, oils and waxiness. Some nutty notes throughout the juicy fruits. Lots of sweet sugars and some penny sweets, the kind that crumble and are generally sugar! Dolly mixtures! Lovely stuff.

Adding water.

A little dribble added. I fear I added too much to this one. The nose is more concentrated on the sweet shop notes. The palate is still quite intact, but not as silky. Lots of fruits and waxiness, and adds a whole lot of peat smoke, with a little bit more saltiness. The finish is still very long, a little more drying and salty with the water. Personally it doesn’t need water, so don’t risk over diluting!


This is an immense dram. Really enjoying this one a great deal. Lots of sweet flavours with the added variable of wax and salt to keep things extra interesting. The quality shines through and this is an easy drinking, sit back and chill of a dram.

Many Thanks to Compass Box for the review sample.


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