Whisky Review – Glen Marnoch Islay Edition

Glen Marnoch Islay Edition
40% ABV
£18.99 from Aldi

This is the latest edition to Aldi’s Glen Marnoch range. A blended malt whisky. Islay edition. So at a guess, whatever is normally in Glen Marnoch, blended with an Islay whisky! 🙂


Light peat smoke. Tcp/medicinal variety. There is a touch of smoking kindling amongst there as well. Sweet. Grass. Crisp and clean. Apples. Some orange. Caramel. Toffee. Clove. Quite spicy when it’s had some time to settle down.


Sweet toffee apples and smoke intertwined. Reasonably dry, treacle toffee. Some dirty earth notes. A little bit of a bite on the tongue from its youth I would say. But there is also some nice oils from the barley coming through with some malty oat notes, almost porridge like.


Quite short and sweet. Earthy, grass, toffee. Drying out quite quickly with some oak char and some of that treacle toffee hanging around.

Adding water.

Small drop to a reasonable measure. The smoke on the nose has been somewhat diminished. The palate is now all about the toffee malt and sweetness. The finish has a little smoke and earth to it, but I’m afraid just the smallest amount of water does extinguish the fire. DONT DO IT!


Suffers from the supermarket presentation. 40%, chill filtered, colouring. It’s a competent malt. But not massively complex. If you want something like an Islay malt whisky to quaff on whilst retaining a few quid then this is perfectly ok stuff.


A week or two have past and I’ve just revisited this whisky. A little time and air in the bottle has changed this quite significantly. On the nose I’m now getting sticky bbq ribs and much more all round sticky sweetness. On the palate things have also got a little richer with those bbq notes going through development and into the finish. Quite remarkable how much change occurs after it’s been opened for a few weeks. I did my initial write up on a brand new first opened bottle.

Added conclusion.

Lovely stuff! Improves with air and time. No regrets here. Worth getting a backup bottle I think!


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