Whisky Review – Haig Club Single Grain Whisky

Haig Club Single Grain Whisky
40% ABV
£35.80 available from Whisky Galore at the Green Welly Stop

I was lucky enough to win a bottle of this in a Twitter competition a while back, time to pop that cork (and it is a very nice cork with lovely quality metal stopper) and give it a go.


Young and raw. Vodka like. Very intensely spirity. Quite a nip on the nose. A little lactic cream. Chilli nip and something metallic, copper. Like handling coins all day and then smelling your hands.


Surprisingly sweet. Creamy. Light vanilla. Some light pepper spices, a touch of oak. Some biscuit elements, kind of light a custard cream, but a diet one, light, non offensive. Quite pleasant actually, and easily sipable


Vanilla cream, and a little of the spirit from the nose retains for a short finish, with a little lactic milkiness left behind at the end.

Adding water.

Only literally a few drops added. The nose has more alcohol nip, but also has more of a creamy vanilla note. The palate has also improved with a more gentle arrival and continual development of creamy vanilla. The finish, also gentler and easier on the tongue. A drop or two of water improves this, it is still somewhat simplistic though.


The nose and finish aren’t up to much. The palate undiluted is actually not half bad. Used in cocktails or for a total whisky beginner who is used to the likes of vodka, well, I can see it as a stepping stone to the world of whisky. It’s very simple, and has some taste which could see the vodka drinker being interested. However, for a seasoned whisky drinker. Nope. On another point of value for money? In my opinion, I’m afraid not. £40-45 quid, far too expensive by about £20 😦

Thanks to Haig Club to my prize.


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