Whisky Review – Clontarf 1014 Single Malt Irish Whiskey (Aldi)

Clontarf 1014 Single Malt Irish Whiskey (Aldi)
40% ABV
£19.99 from Aldi


Lots of intensely sweet fruit. Citrus, orange, lemon, green apple, pineapple. Liked boiled down jelly sweets. Very sweet, almost sickly, but pleasantly though and very juicy. Not much in the way of spice, but possibly a touch of very light pepper in the background. There is a wee touch of oak presence. Time in the glass and more confectionary favourites come forward, pineapple cubes, marshmallow, orange and lemon fizz bombs and even a touch of cola.


Sweet and oaky arrival, touch of bitter saltiness, then waves of fruit, not quite as intense as on the nose, but prominent pineapple, lemon and lime, touches of orange juice. It’s very juicy. There is a touch of drying oak into the development.


The finish is short-medium, concentrates on the drying oak shavings, kind of like chewing on a pencil, but with a rubber made from fruit jelly sweets.

Adding water.

Just a touch added. The intensity of the fruit has diminished slightly in favour of the dusty oak. The palate has weakened also, and while the drying oak elements are quieter, so is the juiciness, the finish isn’t quite as drying, but overall I prefer this dram without dilution.


A very nice low budget whiskey. It’s very easy drinking and juicy stuff. A perfectly good session dram to see you through Xmas.


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