Whisky Review – Port Charlotte PC11 ‘Eòrna Na h-Alba’ (Bruichladdich)

Port Charlotte PC11 ‘Eòrna Na h-Alba’ (Bruichladdich)
59.5% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
No added Colouring
~£95 available from Airports

Port Charlotte PC11 has been out for a while now and I’ve had a bottle open for a good few months so I thought it about time I should jot a bit about it. 🙂


Quite a bit of iodine. Sea air. A touch of mackerel. Glazed ham. Deeply malty maltloaf. Bonfire smoke of course, and a touch of medicinal (TCP) smoke about the nose also. There’s sherry notes amongst the meatiness, some raisin, christmas spices, clove, cinnamon and chocolate. Very complex and worthy of your time to investigate.


Big flavours, quite a nip from the ABV, but getting past that there is waves of intensity. Arrival is immediately complex, sweet, hot, intense sherry notes. Raisin, plum, fruitcake, then as the nip fades we have more meaty elements, ham, smokey bacon, then back to fruit again and cinnamon spices, sweet baked brown sugar notes. All through this time the viscosity of the whisky is clinging around every part of the mouth delivering more and more variance. It’s really remarkable. I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep this bottle so long.


The long finish exhibits more from the palate, classic Islay maritime, amongst the meatiness of ham, burnt caramel, dark dried fruits and the spices (cinnamon/clove) from the sherry casks. The finish goes on for an age.

Adding water.

Splash added. With the reduced ABV you can get into the glass a little more and explore the new depths of the aromas. In fairness not a lot chaos changed, it’s still awesome! The palate has changed, the fruit is more integrated now and we have some intense things going on. The mouthfeel still thick, transports a heavier laden fruit filled extravaganza, with the meat elements reduced somewhat, but still ever present. There is some additional juiciness to the fruit, with the spices toned down a little. There are cherries and chocolate now alongside the fruitcake, and thick burnt mossy smoke. The finish, long as ever and beautiful with it.


A beautifully constructed and deeply complex dram. It’s quite gutting in some ways this is a travel exclusive, because it is so bloody good and totally unfair to make it only for the airports. But anyway, I can cry about it as much as I like, where there’s a will there’s a way, and I have willpower to ensure I get a bottle. :-). You should too. It’s amazing stuff. If you like Islay drams, sherried to perfection, or you’re a fan of Bruichladdich, well, why haven’t you got one already? 🙂


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