Whisky Review – Linkwood 24 year old (Whisky Broker)

Linkwood 24 year old (Whisky Broker)
51.7% ABV
Single cask Hogshead 3540
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
£58 from Whisky Broker


A complex fudge nose. Chocolate. Dried fruit. Plums. Figs. Golden syrup. Honey. Runny caramel. It’s like all my favourite Cadbury bars rolled into one. Fruit and nut, fudge, crunchie and Caramel. It’s a choccy bar haven. There is some dusty pepper and vanillas rounding things off.


Thick honey and some chocolate, then a blast of alcohol. After that subsides we have more waves of caramel, chocolate, honey and gooey niceties.


A long lasting finish. Some strong tea tannins, light oak, vanilla and chocolate. Melted unsalted butter at the very end.

Adding water.

A little splash added, being wary of age. The nose has a spicier, dustier edge to it. There is still the plethora of chocolate bar goodness, very rich and fulfilling. The palate now has less of the alcohol burn and a more balanced development, creamier and more chocolate heavy. Flavoursome stuff. The finish now has less of the tea/tannins and a continuation of the creamier theme.


Lovely stuff. Tasty, expressive and different. Again, another great bottling from whisky broker. A bargain as always, £58 quid for a 24 year old whisky is amazing value for money, and this is a great single cask to show off the variations that a single cask can bring.

My own bottle.


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