Whisky Review – Tobermory 20 year old (Whisky Broker)

Tobermory 20 year old (Whisky Broker)
51.1% ABV
Single cask Hogshead 188063
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
£40.50 from Whisky Broker


Lovely! Rich dusty chocolate coated fudge. Toffee. Very intensely thick honey. There’s not a lot of fruit going on. It’s more about the chocolate and fattening milk based confectionary. Lots of white sugar dust. In the background there’s a touch of pepper and something herbal, maybe parsley and a touch of fresh mint. With some time in the glass we have some sweet citrus notes emerging.


Sweet, a touch of citrus sour, lemon juice. Then development moves into fudgey thick sweetness, always with the citrus in the background. Lots of chewy honey and toffee. Touches of mint. Some oak sour amongst the burn from the relatively high alcohol content. This is a complex lip smacking palate.


Ends sweet with some citrus tang hanging back for a medium to long length finish. Warming deep down in the chest. Drys out with some oak and lemon peel. Some spearmint rounds things off at the end.

Adding water.

About 3 little splashes added. Much more citrus on the nose. Bitter lemons, with a touch of sugar. Not so much of the sugary confectionary anymore. The palate is sweeter at arrival, during development we have the lemons back, but more restrained and sweeter, with more of a malty characteristic overall now and some spicy cinnamon and sweet vanilla. The finish is shorter, sweeter, more about sweet lemons and vanilla.


Very different. I’ve not tried a Tobermory before, so this is difficult to compare to a regular bottling, but this is a very nice, quite challenging whisky. Not for the beginner, but I would say someone who is well aware of whisky flavours and wishes to branch out into more different single cask flavour experiences.

I really love what whisky broker does. Where else can you get a 20 year old single cask for just over £40!

My own bottle.


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