Whisky Review – Glen Moray Elgin Classic Port Wood Finish

Glen Moray Elgin Classic Port Wood Finish
40% ABV
£26.85 available from MasterOfMalt


A lot of creamy buttery vanilla. Creme brûlée. Delicate malt biscuits. Shortcake. In amongst these delights we have some red berries mingling. Grapes. Strawberry. A touch of fine pepper. A little oak. Easily sniffable and summery nose.


Very creamy, with strawberry jam. Perfect for spreading on scones! Lots of vanilla again, with a creamy malty grain running throughout. The port finish is an enhancement on the palate, giving the light jammy texture amongst the development. And there is quite a texture to this dram, very silky and quite mouth coating considering it’s chill filtration.


Vanilla and a touch of red berries are present throughout the medium length finish. With a touch of oak at the very end.

Adding water.

Only a touch of water. I don’t think this dram needs it at all. The nose now has more jamminess, I’m actually surprised, the drop of water has enhanced things nicely. There is a touch of sawdust among the added fruit intensity, a little less cream and vanilla. The palate is still mouthcoating, and also has added fruit complexity, there are more varied berries on the palate now, blackberry, red current, grapes along with the strawberry jam from previously. The finish is more fruity, sweeter and altogether extremely tasty. Give it a small drop of water!


Ok, disclaimer alert, by and large I love port matured whisky, and therefore I do bloody love this one. It’s a remarkably easy drinking dram. A very successful session whisky, tasty, moreish and a bargain at the mid twenties in price tag. Glen Moray produce some really excellent, affordable whiskies, I’m particularly fond of their 10 year old Chardonnay cask. If you get the opportunity to visit them at the distillery or their stand at a whisky show I thoroughly recommend you go through their line of expressions, you will have a lot of fun and experience something very special. The only small thing though. 46%. NCF. I would love to experience Glen Moray with that presentation. But in the meantime keep up the excellent quality.

Much thanks to Glen Moray for the review sample.


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