Whisky Review – Label 5 Gold Heritage Blend

Label 5 Gold Heritage Blend
40% ABV
coming soon to a whisky store near you.

PR Release info:

“Graham Coull, LABEL 5 Master Blender, crafted a unique and rich whisky. LABEL 5 Gold Heritage is a rich blend of exceptional whiskies that includes malts aged of more than 20 years. Created with passion and care, LABEL 5 Gold Heritage presents a unique profile which lies between the smoky and peated flavours of the old malts whiskies and the creamy vanilla notes of the grain whiskies. The smooth character which is the trademark of LABEL 5 whiskies has been accentuated with subtle woody hints and spicy notes.

LABEL 5 Gold Heritage is a personal achievement for me. Building on the traditions of LABEL 5, I have hand-selected whiskies from different ages and casks which marry together to produce a wonderfully balanced blend. The result is an exceptionally smooth whisky loaded with fruit, spice, warm vanilla oak and subtle smoke, which offers a unique taste experience.” said Graham Coull.
The packaging echoes the iconic LABEL 5 Classic Black and conveys a premium look through the use of the gold and brown colours. The packaging reflects perfectly the warm and inviting atmosphere of whisky tasting moments.
Recently awarded with a double gold medal at the China World Spirit Award, Gold Heritage can look the future with confidence!”

My notes:


Enticingly spicy vanilla. Some dark honey. Stewed Apple. Creamy buttered popcorn. Touches of chocolate, coconut and cinnamon. Wisp of charred oak.


Sweet, then drier. Bitter honey, then sweet chewier toffee. Some dark fruits, cinnamon and pepper. A touch of aniseed. The sweetness comes back in the further development and creamy vanillas and smooth buttery notes along with some coconut are present.


Short to medium length. Vanilla, honey, light spices fading into some dry oak.

Adding water.

Only a small drop added. Spices are enriched on the nose and intermingled with a sweeter honey now. The palate is rounded off, slightly weakened, but the dry and bitter notes mid development are now lessoned and we have an all round creamier whisky. The finish is creamier also, with a nice cinnamon bite. Definitely benefits from a drop of water.


This is a good all round summer style blended whisky. Enjoyable neat, even more enjoyable with a drop of water (or ice if it’s summer). Not readily available in the uk right now, but if you’re abroad on summer holidays and fancy an alternative session dram, this could be right up your alley.

Much thanks to Glen Moray for the review sample.


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